Our Story

After completing his army service and studies at Stellenbosch University, Christiaan Groenewald – owner and winemaker at Eagle’s Cliff Wines – worked as an agricultural economist and financial planner in the banking and insurance industries prior to managing a wine export company, and, eventually, starting up New Cape Wines.

Christiaan grew up on a farm where his father grew wine grapes and was involved in the wine industry, so he was exposed to the wine business from a young age. His studies at Stellenbosch University included some courses on winemaking, vine growing and economics. After his father died in 2003, Christiaan built the cellar on the farm. Here he makes the Eagle’s Cliff range of wines for those who are less informed and who seek quality wines at a reasonable price. For the connoisseur, he makes something special with his Arendskloof range.

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