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The Eagle’s Cliff Cellar with its spectacular views over the vineyards and sunset over the picturesque mountains, lies in the heart of the Breede River Valley, between Worcester and Villiersdorp

Christiaan Groenewald, wine exporter and wine maker and Diner’s Club Winemaker of the Year 2013, founded the New Cape Wines company in 2000. Wines are bottled under the following labels:
Eagle’s Cliff range, Eagle’s Cliff Reserve range, Dwyka Hills range and the Arendskloof range. These full ranges of red and white wines are available locally and abroad.

The company is also a successful exporter of bulk wines to Europe including destinations such as Germany and Switzerland.

A pair of rare black eagles which have made their nest in the cliffs overlooking the vineyards, served as inspiration for Eagle’s Cliff’s label design.

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DWYKA is a Karoo rock stratum which was laid down during the Ice Age 300 million years ago. Composed of a matrix of mud and ‘Dropstones’, it created a compact layer known as tillite that has characteristic striations and textures.

In Worcester, South Africa, the tillite stratum has undergone vertical movements and weathering has created dramatic ‘tombstone’ shapes.